Gemstones Business Division

Precious stones are at the core of NorthCapital’s business. Our business focus on the processing, cutting and polishing of gemstones. With our own mining and processing facilities in Brazil we control the whole supply chain from mine to consumer.

NorthCapital is considered one of the world market leaders in Alexandrites and Emeralds and generally we range among Europe’s largest investors in rough and cut gemstones.

Significant investments have been made in precious, uncut and cut gemstones in the course of 2016.

Brazil Operations
Brazil is the largest supplier of raw gemstones in the world. NorthCapital is represented both in São Paulo and Fortaleza. In Fortaleza, we work closely with the Institute for Geology at the city‘s University, as well as with the CPRM Brazil – the country’s state-regulated mining supervisory authority. Storage facilities are available to NorthCapital on the university campus, as well as at other locations.

NorthCapital holds uncut merchandise (gemstones) of extremely high quality in its possession at the secure storage facilities in Fortaleza, as well as with one of the largest international security and transport firms. Our partners enjoy insurance cover in excess of $30 billion.

The rough merchandise is transported to Europe where it is deposited in smaller tranches of approximately 10% of its total volume in the town of Idar-Oberstein and other locations for cutting.

Operational Processing
Operational processing is conducted by an experienced fiduciary/notary RSK Richter and associates from Berlin. All orders are issued under the close supervision of the fiduciary, who subsequently monitors the entire process. Alternatively, operational processing can also be conducted via Luxembourg Freeport (

Renowned expert appraisers are brought in to value the transactions, such as members of the German Gemmological Association (DGemG) (FGG – Europe‘s leading professional training and research institute for gemstones since 1932) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The sorting and potential supplementation of gemstones (only Emerald stones of exquisite quality – 1 to 4 carat – and Alexandrite stones – 0.5 to 2 carat – are required) is conducted in tandem with the cutting process due to the size of the order; smaller stones are exchanged for new uncut merchandise directly after cutting.